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Telemedicine is a platform that gives you the ability to consult with an experienced healthcare professional without having to leave your home. All appointments are either done via a telephone or video call (depending on your needs). This makes it easy for you to get prescription medications sent over to your pharmacy without having to go through long wait times in a physical clinic. Telemedicine is ideal for minor issues, such as allergies, chronic conditions (diabetes, asthma, etc) and other non-urgent matters. 


Book your telephone appointment with the required information filled out, make your payment and one of our healthcare providers will give you a call during the time slot you have selected. 

The healthcare provider will go over past history and current complaints to best determine a plan of action that is best for you. 

Your prescriptions and/or lab/imaging orders will be sent to your pharmacy/center of choice within just a few hours. 


If your current medications do not qualify for a refill, we have you covered! Get a prescription refill by easily consulting with one of our online health care provider. 

If you are in need of an antibiotic medication which you have previously taken, you will still need a new prescription. We can send your prescription to a local pharmacy as soon as a telephone visit is complete!

Forget the long wait times! - If you need a prescription now, we can help!
*We are NOT a pharmacy. Your prescription will be sent over to your pharmacy and our fee does NOT include any medications. The payment for your medications are your responsibility to pay out of pocket or to use with any insurance you may have.*
We are NOT responsible for any insurance prior authorization documentation.
*Our providers are not able to prescribe certain medications that can potentially be abused or cause harm. Such dangerous drugs including narcotics, muscle relaxants, or any other form of controlled medications.
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